How to use silky kola

how to use silky kola

Lost Your Password? There is nothing quite so luxurious as running your hands through silky soft hair. Although you might think you can only achieve this by visiting the salon, you can actually make it happen in your very own home! Making your own herbal-based hair serum is easy, fun, and effective—not to mention free from all of the chemical additives you might find in a commercial hair serum or at most beauty salons!

Read on to learn how to make a DIY herbal hair serum for silky soft hair at home. Just as the seasonal elements can take a toll on our skin, they can also impact our hair. Using an herbal hair serum daily has many benefits beyond simply enhancing the beautification of your hair. Although you do not need to use it every day, if you enjoy the ritual and results, you can use it daily with no detrimental effects!

It is essential to use hair serums in the wintertime or after exposure to drying elements like ocean water. When you know your hair will be exposed to a harsh and potentially damaging chemical, such as chlorine in a swimming pool, apply a generous amount of herbal hair serum before going in the pool to help protect your hair ahead of time Buck, Try incorporating a silky soft herbal hair serum into your self-care routine after you wash your hair when the hair is damp or dry.

Since many shampoos and conditioners can actually strip our hair of its natural oils, using a hair serum after cleansing helps reestablish a healthy amount of oil in the hair in addition to protecting against dirt and grease that can accumulate throughout our day Falconi, A little bit goes a long way when applying an herbal hair serum, so start small!

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Rub a couple drops into the palms of your hands and then massage through the hair shaft. Avoid rubbing the oil directly into the scalp, since this can make your hair more greasy instead of the silky soft hair texture you are looking for.

Although jojoba oil is referred to as an oil and feels just like oneit is actually considered a wax! Jojoba has a multitude of well-known applications in skincare but can also be used for hair as well. In this DIY herbal hair serum, jojoba is the primary base oil. Even though jojoba is pricier than other oils out there, the properties this oil over other commonly used hair oils like grapeseed or sunflower is unparalleled.

Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, phytosterols, and antioxidants, among other compounds, which lends it vital nourishing and moisturizing qualities. The tree itself only grows wild in a barren, dry, and harsh landscape in southwestern Morocco. Learn more about the Doctrine of Signatures in plants here! Supplementing with vitamin E is a common practice to promote healthy hair, skin, and nails, but did you know you can also use vitamin E oil topically to support silky soft hair?

Outside of our hair cuticle lies a protective layer of fat which can be stripped away by harsh shampoos or other hair products, causing our hair to lose its shine. Vitamin E can help restore this layer of protective fat, thus bringing back our shiny, silky soft hair American Academy of Dermatology, This DIY herbal hair serum recipe calls for rosemary essential oil to help strengthen hair and add a calming, yet stimulating, aromatic element.

Rosemary is well-known to help stimulate hair growth when massaged into the scalp, but when applied to the rest of our locks, it can also assist in strengthening hair to prevent further breakage Gladstar, Typically known for its powerful tissue regenerative qualities, Calendula infused oil also carries a strong emollient property which helps create silky soft hair with shine Gehring, Although rinsing with the infusion of Calendula can help lighten your hair color, using a small amount of this hair serum will not create the same effect.

how to use silky kola

Using it topically in this DIY herbal hair serum can help increase circulation to the area which prevents increased hair loss, especially when it is stress-related Preedy, If you want to mix up the essential oils you use to bring in a different scent or purpose, get creative and play around with your recipe a little! This DIY herbal hair serum also makes a beautiful gift. You can portion the serum into smaller, 1-ounce bottles, and try switching the pinch of dried rose petals for another pinch of your favorite herbal flowers.

Curious to learn more ways to attain silky soft hair? American Academy of Dermatology.

DIY Herbal Hair Serum For Silky Soft Hair

Going to great lengths for beautiful hair: Dermatologist shares hair care tips for healthy and damaged hair. Barve, K.Jaruma my baby. Shes so cute and full of life.

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Goron Tula: 11 Health Benefits Of The Miracle Fruit You Should Know

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D Omugwo Chronicles W.The kola nut is the fruit of the kola treea genus Cola of trees that are native to the tropical rainforests of Africa. The caffeine -containing fruit of the tree is used as a flavoring ingredient in beverages, and is the origin of the term " cola ". The kola nut is a caffeine-containing nut of evergreen trees of the genus Colaprimarily of the species Cola acuminata and Cola nitida. The trees have yellow flowers with purple spots, and star-shaped fruit.

Inside the fruit, about a dozen round or square seeds develop in a white seed-shell. The first taste is bitter, but it sweetens upon chewing. The nut can be boiled to extract the caffeine. The kola nut has a bitter flavor and contains caffeine. It is chewed in many West African countries, in both private and social settings. It is often used ceremonially, presented to chiefs or guests. In folk medicinekola nuts are considered useful for aiding digestion when ground and mixed with honey, and are used for coughs.

Kola nuts are perhaps best known to Western culture as a flavoring ingredient and one of the sources of caffeine in cola and other similarly flavored beverages, although kola nut extract or kola flavoring in major commercial cola drinks, such as Coca-Cola, is no longer used. Human use of the kola nut, like the coffee berry and tea leafappears to have ancient origins.

It is chewed in many West African cultures, in both private and social settings, as a source of mental stimulation. Kola nuts are an important part of the traditional spiritual practice of culture and religion in West Africa, particularly Niger, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

how to use silky kola

Kola nuts are used as a religious object and sacred offering during prayers, ancestor veneration, and significant life events, such as naming ceremonies, weddings, and funerals.

They are also used in a traditional divination system called Obi divination. For this use, only kola nuts divided into four lobes are suitable.

They are cast upon a special wooden board and the resulting patterns are read by a trained diviner. They are still used as such today in certain situations such as in negotiation over bride prices or as a form of a respect or host gift to the elders of a village should one move to a village or enter a business arrangement with the village. In the s, a pharmacist in Georgia, John Pembertontook caffeine extracted from kola nuts and cocaine -containing extracts from coca leaves and mixed them with sugar, other flavorings, and carbonated water to invent Coca-Colathe first cola soft drink.

Originally a tree of tropical rainforestit needs a hot humid climate, but can withstand a dry season on sites with a high ground water level. It may be cultivated in drier areas where groundwater is available. Though it is a lowland forest tree, it has been found at altitudes over m on deep, rich soils under heavy and evenly distributed rainfall.

Regular weeding is necessary, which can be performed manually or through the use of herbicides. Some irrigation can be provided to the plants, but it is important to remove the water through an effective drainage system, as excess water may prove to be detrimental for the growth of the plant. When not grown in adequate shade, the kola nut plant responds well to fertilizers.Our men are not left behind, this fruit makes u perform many round has u like! So many people are faced with inactive sexual life Goron Tula or Silky Kola is a unique fruit catered for women.

Regular consumption of this fruit has many sexual health benefits and is proven to be tested, trusted and reliable. Say no to dryness Say no low libido Increase sexual pleasure It aids in the production of juicy, copious amounts of vagina wetness which is perfect for those who have dry vaginas.

It helps in making the vagina walls clean as a result of the lubrication. It aids fertility so it is excellent for those trying to conceive. Great for those women who have menstruation problems. Perfect for cleansing the vagina and in doing so, prevents bad vagina odour or that foul fishy, oniony, garlicky smell. Regular consumption of this fruit has many sexual health benefits and is proven to be tested, trusted and very effective.

Goron tula AKA silky kola is one of the most powerful and fast working aphrodisiac. What are you waiting for Why must you buy silky kola as a woman Women enjoy all round benefit from this fruit, also referred to as Snot Apple. It increases the female libido to the point that the lady will not get tired after round after round of sex even with minimal pre-intimacy!

Perfect for cleansing the vagina and in doing so, prevents bad vagina odour or that foul or fishy smell. Phytochemical and pharmacological screening of the plant indicates that it posses anti hyperglycemic properties making it a good candidate for blood sugar control.

Thanks for your interest in Diamond Choice. We sell Gorontula. Someone called me today and said "sheebii Goron Tula fruits is just for sex boosting alone" Noooo Goron Tula is an all rounder magic that cures everything without side effect You still doubting why you must buy abiiiii Enquiries will not harm you Why not try Goron Tula silky kola No preservativesGet Instant Access.

Kola nut was an ingredient in Coca-Cola after cocaine became illegal. Today, even kola nut is not used in this "great American drink.

The powdered seeds are used extensively as a condiment by the natives of Africa, the West Indies, and Brazil. A small piece of seed is chewed before meals to promote digestion and to improve the flavor of anything eaten after it. The powder is also applied to cuts. It also contains some tannin and starch.

Caffeine stimulates all parts of the central nervous system, especially the cerebral cortex and medullary center. Kolanin is a source for carbohydrates, the "fuel" needed for the body's energy. This combination of theobromine and kolanin aids the combustion of fats and carbohydrates.

It also reduces combustion of nitrogen and phosphorus in the body. Stimulates and economizes muscular and nervous energies; considered a strong stimulant. One tablespoon of kola nut powder in a cup of black coffee is the recommended method of ingestion. You might add some honey, since it is quite chalky.

how to use silky kola

Another technique is to cap the powder in number 00 capsules, though the oils will not affect the stomach in the same manner. It is only used this way because of its chalklike taste.

Most of the original concepts of sex magic were from the earlier Hindu traditions of Tantra. Tantrics believed sex contained an energy which could change the physical world. The psychological implications are covered in Psilocybe Mushrooms, Ritual Use.

Psychosexual energy is the principal element behind contemporary western magic. It is the single, strongest emotion-alterant available that can be disciplined and it is the foundation of Tantra. A path to the use of this psychosexual power begins by recognizing and then overcoming restrictive sexual prejudices.

The first place to start is by cultivating intense gonadal awareness through the conscious tightening of the pelvic region. This is accomplished through deliberate contraction and relaxation of the anal and urethral muscles. These particular exercises can be used as a ritual to heighten orgasms. Exercise One: To control ejaculation and orgasm Muladhara Bandha. This exercise is a pelvic contraction lock that begins at the anal muscles and spreads forward to the genitals.

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The correct feeling of the anal lock is like the sensation you feel when you retain an enema or hold back the passage of stool from the bowel. The method:. Focus attention on anal region. Begin with an awareness of the chair exerting pressure up against your behind.This nut is how the first cola recipe received its caffeine kick — along with real coca leaves. The kola nut, also know as cola acuminate, is a caffeine-rich nut that is native to tropical Africa.

In these regions, the nut is considered a symbol of hospitality and kindness. Though nearly tasteless on their own, kola nuts are often chewed before meals to help promote digestion and to help counteract possible ill effects from tainted drinking water. As already mentioned, kola nut is a stimulant, containing 1.

Silk Cola + BONUS

Theobromine is the alkaloid compound that can be found in chocolate and is thought to contribute a sense of alertness and well-being. The net result is that the stimulating components of kola nut can be used to improve the mental energy and stimulate the sex drive without whipping the adrenals.

Thus, the addition of a small amount of kola nut to formulas can stimulate and prolong sexual urges and intensity while revitalizing libido both in men and women without exhausting the adrenals. The kola nut may also help prevent and fight infections. One of the oldest medicinal uses for the kola nut is as a natural remedy for chest colds. And modern research has shown that it is effective in this regard. The kola nut helps by enlarging the alveolar ducts and sacs small air bags in the lungs where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged with the bloodas well as by improving the strength of the fibers in the lung tissue.

Kola nuts may even offer a natural weight loss benefit. In a study published in the Nigerian Journal of Physiological Sciencesit was found that a steady intake of kola nut by rats can actually reduce food intake, and therefore body weight, without altering water intake.

Kola nut extracts also contain nonsteroidal plant compounds that have the ability to induce death of cancerous prostate cells and may modulate prostate growth and function.

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Kola nuts are often ground into a powder. Because the whole nut stores caffeine much better than the powder form, it is recommended that the nut be ground right before use or preserved in tincture form. Kola nut powder can be added to coffee to increase the caffeine content, and can also be drunk in tea. The powder is also sometimes taken in capsule form. Do you know how to keep longer the whole kola nut? Thank you.Goron Tula is a seed popularly known as Kayan-Mata and Kayan Maza enhancer, Goron Tula fruit is also being used as a powerful aphrodisiac.

Goron Tula-Kayan Mata Seed – Silky Kola|Snot Apple

Silky kola is a common fruit in the Northern region of Nigeria, moreover, is a seasonal fruit and virtually everyone eats these fruits without really understanding the great health benefits of snot apple.

Goron Tula is rich in antioxidants, iron, potassium, calcium, and is also high in vitamin C.


I remember we do eat this fruit as growing children in the North. Although some believe is a love drug, but is actually a substance that can increase sex drive after consumption particularly when couples are on the mode for such act. You can order online for African snot apple in case you are in Lagos visit Iddo market or mile 12 Hausa section, Abuja and Port Harcourt. This nut seed is very sweet and taste like date and honey mixture, if you taste it there is the tendency you will always request for more and that is where it drives that name slimy from.

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